He took office at the head of the Foundation on April 1, 2021. Succeeding Joseph Pitah, Habib Bamba takes the reins of an institution which for 15 years has tirelessly contributed to the realization of various social initiatives for the well-being of populations. , with more than 500 projects for an overall budget of 13 billion FCFA. The new Director of the Orange CI Foundation joined the group in 2018.

Habib Bamba, said of his recent appointment: “I would like to express all my pride and express my gratitude to the board of directors for their choice. I thank and congratulate Joseph who came before me in this post for the hard work. Well done to the teams, volunteers and project leaders! I invite them to remain mobilized in order to go together even further in the social actions that our Foundation is deploying throughout Côte d'Ivoire. We must do a little more every day to make a lasting contribution to the well-being of populations and to participate in the development of Côte d'Ivoire. This is the way to make Orange CI's civic commitment a reality ”.

The weight of the foundation

The commitment of the Orange Côte d'Ivoire Foundation, which is a pledge of its social responsibility, is reflected in the support or implementation of projects in the fields of health, education and culture. Nearly 95 projects have been carried out in the health sector, including 33 health centers built or rehabilitated. 51 projects were carried out in the field of culture, in particular with the equipment of IT equipment for 11 museums or similar establishments. Finally, the organization has also built 87 infrastructures of all types as part of its “Village Project”, and created 22 digital schools.

About the Orange Côte-d'Ivoire Foundation

Created on November 26, 2006, the Orange Côte-d'Ivoire Foundation's main missions are to enhance the image of Orange Côte-d'Ivoire as a citizen through social actions to: contribute to the well-being of Ivorians, improve human relations through projects of bringing together, listening and dialogue and involving the employees of Orange Côte-d'Ivoire in social actions. The Orange Côte-d'Ivoire Foundation has a constant presence on its 3 axes of intervention which are: health to fight against cardiovascular diseases and arterial hypertension, then support people suffering from low vision, deafness and deafness. autism; education by contributing to the education of children, literacy for girls and women and support for village communities and culture by encouraging the promotion of young talents and the preservation of Ivorian cultural heritage. The commitment of the Orange Côte-d'Ivoire Foundation, which is the pledge of its social responsibility, is reflected in the support of various projects. It has carried out more than 497 projects in the fields of education, health, culture, “village project”, the Digital Education and Generation Orange programs. Today, the world is going digital, and the Orange Côte d'Ivoire Foundation enables vulnerable groups to develop their skills and knowledge thanks to digital technology.

Esther FOSSI

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